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Ahnapee River and Silver Creek

The Ahnapee River Algoma WI

The Ahnapee river is approximately fifteen miles long. It begins in Southern Door County and flows into Lake Michigan in the heart of Algoma. The river has one dam in Forestville WI.

Silver Creek Kayaking Algoma Wisconsin


The river affords visitors many entertainment options. You can kayak the river while enjoying nature. Take a turn up Silver creek and explore a quiet natural environment with ducks and geese. After a mile or so return to the Ahnapee river and hang a right.  It is a short paddle to the mouth of the river. Enjoy a great view of Lake Michigan, the harbor and the light house.


Algoma has a reputation of being one of the best sport fishing ports this side of Lake Michigan. You can fish year round. Open water fish the river from shore or a boat. Hire a charter or guide to take you out on Lake Michigan. When the weather turns cold you can ice fish for Rainbow or Brown Trout on the Ahnapee River.

Guide services are available.

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